Our mission is singularly focused: Bringing lives into balance on a global scale, with the most efficacious hemp-based products on Earth™. We believe achieving balance is something that benefits every living being and enables each of us to function at a higher level. In a way, our mission is really to help you achieve yours.

Because we are both growers and manufacturers, Functional Remedies is passionate about hemp and obsessed about product quality. We’ve spent the past 20 years perfecting our proprietary hemp strain through a painstaking process of hybridization and research. As a result, our genetically-superior seeds grow to become the most nutrient-dense hemp plants on the planet.

Our plant passion and quality obsession also inspired us to develop our proprietary LipidTrans™ process that preserves nature’s intended balance of phytonutrients present in hemp. This gentle, whole-plant process – that includes hand-pressing – is far superior to harsh CO2 and chemical extraction processes that yield a much narrower spectrum of phytonutrients. 

Our LipidTrans™ process produces a true full-spectrum hemp oil that’s highly efficacious and capable of delivering the entourage effect for maximum therapeutic benefit. It’s yet another example of measuring everything we do by the same uncompromising standard: make it the absolute highest quality or don’t make it at all. We invite you to achieve balance in your life with Functional Remedies, and applaud the passion – or obsession – that you pursue, whatever it may be.

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