Haven’t tried hemp oil before? When trying out a product you haven’t used before, it’s important to be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of whatever that product is. This is especially true when you are planning to try a product for medical, health, and/or wellness reasons. Many products used for reasons pertaining to health and wellness have drawbacks that might make them a less desirable approach to balancing one’s health or alleviating symptoms of an illness, physical discomfort, or pain. It can be tough to find a product that works right for you. One great thing about hemp oil benefits is that they far outweigh the drawbacks; and, hemp oil benefits can be tried relatively risk free, especially when compared to other products that often have a slew of undesirable risks and side effects.

Homeopathic and natural products and remedies are an increasingly popular way to deal with myriad physical issues. Among them, hemp oil stands out as one of the most beneficial. And among hemp oils, Functional Remedies’ products stand out as the premium choice.

But what exactly is so great about hemp oil?

You’ve likely heard of hemp oil being associated with marijuana products. This is because they both derive from the same plant,Cannabis sativa.You’ve also likely heard that marijuana products are increasingly being used for medical purposes. Many people will swear by marijuana products for their effectiveness, but there is no getting around the fact that because of their higher THC content, medical marijuana products will get you high, which is one reason why not everyone is interested in consuming them. This is also one reason why hemp oil is on the rise as a popular natural remedy. Unlike marijuana products, a major hemp oil benefit is that it will not make you feel high. This is because the plants used for manufacturing hemp oil contain less THC than the strains used for creating marijuana products. How much less? Well, hemp oil has less than .3% THC content. This means it’s nearly impossible for it to have any effect on your mind, because there are only trace amounts of THC. Another note on the list of hemp oil benefits is that it won’t slow you or impair your thinking, because hemp oil has so psychotropic effects whatsoever.

And because of this incredibly low THC content, hemp oil is legal in all fifty states. It also doesn’t require any sort of medical marijuana license to be purchased. And it also has no way of being addictive, unlike many opioids prescribed for reasons regarding pain management. So it can be easily obtained, and it can be tried risk free. These are all fantastic hemp oil benefits that people appreciate every day.

This legality and lack of risk compared to many other products are why people are now experimenting with hemp oil for a number of reasons, be it back pain, headaches, other sorts of physical discomfort, and/or general wellness and health balance. Functional Remedies hemp oil can be taken via salve, tincture, or capsule, in a variety of different dosages. All these options are another great benefit of using Functional Remedies’ hemp oil products. Because our hemp oil can be used for many different needs, you’re not limited to one way of taking it. You can find the method that best suits your personalized needs.

And what about the drawbacks of hemp oil?

While hemp oil benefits are extensive (like no psychotropic side effects, no major health risks, ease of access,  ease of options, etc) like every product used for wellness reasons, it will not be the perfect fit for everyone who tries it out. While it’s very rare, a small fraction people who have taken higher doses of hemp oil have experienced lightheadedness or drowsiness. Higher doses may also temporarily negatively affect those with Parkinson’s by causing muscle movement, or those taking hepatic drugs by inhibiting their metabolism, or those taking blood pressure medication. While such effects are uncommon and applicable to only a low percentage of people, it’s still important to be aware of them, and to consult your doctor before trying out any remedy, even one as natural and relatively risk free as hemp oil. We also recommend starting off with a lower dosage, so that you can better determine if hemp oil is the right choice for you.

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