When shopping for hemp oil for sale, there are plenty of choices to be made in regard to the quality of the oil, the extraction method, and the “delivery system” (the way you take hemp oil). This article will help you build a foundation of knowledge so you’re able to make informed decisions when you buy hemp oil and will also recommend questions to ask in order to help you select the best hemp oil.    

First of All, a Little Plant Education

Does the producer discuss where the plants in their products come from and how they’re raised? The most basic piece of information here is the quality of the plant itself. If the plants have been raised well and healthy, they’re going to be nutrient dense, which translates into a higher-quality product. Plants boasting huge healthy flowers vs. plants with huge stalks and small flowers will create a very different end product with a very different effect for the user. The most beneficial nutrients are found in the flowers, so this is an important consideration when selecting hemp oil for sale. In ourWhat is the Best Hemp Oil blog post, we discuss the plants Functional Remedies uses in more detail.

Full Spectrum vs. Isolate

Is the product Full Spectrum or Isolate? This question is really asking, “How much of the plant has been used in the product?” Within any plant, in this case the hemp plant, there are many different compounds, each of which may contain benefits for humans and animals. When you buy a product that contains hemp oil, it’s important to know if you’re buying a product considered Full Spectrum, meaning it contains compounds from the whole plant, vs. Isolate, meaning only one compound is contained in the product. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

A Full Spectrum hemp product is one which contains a range of compounds from the whole plant. Functional Remedies uses an industrial hemp strain, producing a Full-Spectrum product that includes many beneficial cannabinoids. Because all cannabinoids express themselves differently in the body, and because of the endocannabinoid system we humans have inherited, this can mean more benefit than an isolate alone. Bone growth, blood flow, and enhanced brain function may be benefited by these other compounds. Further scientific research will reveal more about what these compounds can do beyond pain and inflammation.   

An isolate is just how it sounds, one compound has been extracted and refined without any of the other plant compounds. Much of the oil for sale on the market is made with isolates. This process results in a powder that’s essentially 99% purely one compound. Depending on how you look at it, people consider isolate either (a) essentially a stripped down version of a full spectrum product, or (b) a good way to focus on a single molecule alone if that’s what the end user wants.

Extraction Methods

What extraction method has been used to obtain the active ingredient from the plant? There are many methods of getting the raw plant into a bioavailable form for the human body. Lipid Infusion, CO2, and Ethyl Alcohol extractions are common ones that we’ll cover here.

Lipid Infusion could also be called “Lipid Extraction”. This process creates an infused oil instead of a concentrate as some other methods do, and it is a very clean and gentle process of extraction used by a small number of companies offering hemp oil for sale. Because the properties of the hemp plant are lipid friendly, the fats in the carrier oil are able to absorb the beneficial elements of the plant. The Functional Remedies team uses lipid infusion for all of our products, and we’re thrilled to do so. Our ability to perform lipid extraction on a larger scale than most other companies out there is one of our unique qualities, allowing us to deliver a high-quality product to our customers.

Another clean extraction process is CO2 extraction. There are no chemical solvents involved in this process which is pleasing to many consumers. The extracted product is then mixed with a carrier oil. CO2 extraction may be the most common extraction process used in hemp oil for sale.      

The use of Ethyl Alcohol is one of the other common methods of extraction in the hemp industry. While this is an effective way of breaking the nutrients away from the plant, it does need to be done skillfully and correctly to ensure the alcohol is removed properly. Just as with other methods, the end product is mixed with a carrier oil.

Delivery System

What’s the Delivery System? The Delivery System we’re discussing here is the method in which hemp oil is taken. This preference is largely up to the consumer. Some of the methods of delivery are:

  • Oil – The active ingredient is mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, or grapeseed oil
  • Food – The active ingredient is mixed with chocolate or other food items
  • Water – The active ingredient is mixed in water
  • Powder – A powder is put into capsules or can be scooped into drinks or foods
  • Tincture – An easy way to lower or increase the amount using a dropper
  • Creams and Salves – The active ingredient is absorbed through the skin

Functional remedies uses a carrier oil delivery system with capsules, salves, and tinctures. This carrier oil method works efficiently with the endocannabinoid system which is naturally lipid friendly.Now that you’ve built yourself a solid foundation of cannabi-knowledge, check out our blog postWhat Makes the Best Hemp Oil for even more detail on how to select the best hemp oil for sale.

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