There are a lot of companies in the marketplace today producing hemp oil and selling it online that will claim that they have the “best” or the most pure hemp oil. But what does that really mean? What makes one hemp extract superior to another?

Turns out, a lot. Just like so many herbal dietary supplements available for self-healing, hemp oil tinctures, capsules and salves can vary dramatically in content and effectiveness. The bottom line when determining what hemp oil online is best for you really comes down to the results: is it best forYOU? Let’s break it down.


Of course hemp extract should have the highest levels of cannabinoids, high levels of terpene and other micro-nutrients, but if it’s not working for you then it’s simply not the best for you. Pure hemp oil can support emotional stability and a relaxed mental state and address physical discomfort and sleep patterns. The best hemp oil will help you have a sense of overall emotional balance and physical health. Read reviews and testimonials from customers, but also do your own research about what can work best for your concerns.


If you simply want to take a pill in the evenings as part of your comprehensive health regime, hemp extract tinctures aren’t going to be best for you. It may sound simple, but determining what type of delivery method will help maximize the results of the product for you. It is important to take your servings on a regular basis, starting out with a small amount and then potentially increasing the serving size if necessary. Check the online stores for the different types of hemp extract serving sizes and delivery methods. The company should be able to offer you the product that is best for you.


Buy a hemp oil online that isn’t going to go bad immediately, because the best products are the ones you never have to waste. Research the company to see the studies they’ve done on how long their products last on the shelf. For example, Functional Remedies just completed research that showed that their products saw no degradation of quality within 24 months, or two years. As you may have seen with old cooking oil, bad oil becomes rancid.


Bottom line, efficiency is key to the best hemp oil. How has the hemp extract been produced so that is going to have a positive impact for your concerns? For example, some capsules are made with sub-par materials that degrade rapidly in the acids of the stomach, causing the product to lose its ability to provide comprehensive benefits to your body. Functional Remedies Pro line uses enteric capsules, which are pharmaceutical grade and delay breakdown until the small intestine. This increases the adsorption of phytonutrients into the bloodstream, which in turn improves the effectivity of the hemp oil.

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